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Susana Cor de Rosa.

Susana Cor de Rosa

About Susana

“Susana activates your deep healing, powerful confidence, igniting infinite possibilities, revealing your pathway to the origin.

Specialist in Quantum Healing, with 23 years of experience, Quantum Activator, Creator and Mentor of the “Unified Quantum Healing: Energy Medicine for Body, Mind, Heart and Soul” method, Susana has helped thousands of people to heal themselves, feel confident and live with purpose.

Creator and mentor of the course “Evolutive Self-Esteem and Confidence” to empower yourself and have all-terrain confidence for your life.

Author of 3 books: “Who are we: the code of creation”, “The Land Where Everything is Possible” and “The Pathway to the Origin”, the last 2 books were finalists on the literary contests, in the USA, in S. Diego, 2021.

Creator of the 5-week meditation program “Infinite Force”, meditation and energy programming to accelerate positive changes in your life.

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