Who We Are - The Code of Creation

Who We Are:
The Code of Creation

A life changing book to know who you are, expand your energy, realize your infinite power and create the life you long to live.

This work joyfully links science, healing and spirituality by exploring consciousness, and showing how extraordinary our human capacities are to challenge conventional laws that allow us to communicate and interact with all of life. Showing us how we can heal ourselves and the planet and open up to infinite possibilities and transform our paradigms.

This book connects you with the quantum field, removes limiting beliefs, creates space for changes, expanding your awareness that you are a creator of realities and an unlimited being.

Why I wrote “Who We Are: The Code Of Creation”

To embrace my promise with the Origin, God, that I will contribute for others doing what I most love. Helping people, healing, raising energy, transforming mentalities and attitudes, and revealing our true nature as unlimited beings. Also, my students, namely Unified Quantum Healing and Infinite Force course participants, were asking me to write a book to help them better understand concepts addressed in the book related to; consciousness, the quantum field, the 16 senses, and the code of creation. Some specific questions were; How to heal faster? How to speak the quantum language? How could they realize their own potential and embrace their quantum self? How to shift and create space for the new. How could they feel connected, innocent, strong, and powerfully aligned with life? How to maintain their energy high despite life challenges? And many more.

And here it is “Who We Are: The Code of Creation” with all my love for you.

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This book transformed my life. Since I started reading it immediately, I felt connected, energized and discovering myself. Susana conducts the reader in an easy way to stories, science-based concepts, healing, spirituality and revealing the code of creation. Full potential, full awareness, and full power to be who are, beings of infinite possibilities and powerful creators.