Hi, I’m Susana.

I activate your deep Healing,
powerful Confidence
igniting Infinite Possibilities,
revealing your Pathway of Origin

Who We Are - The Code of Creation

Who We Are

A book to revolutionize your life, to know who you are and how life works. The book links science, healing and spirituality, removing limiting beliefs, expanding your awareness and life horizons.

The Land Where Everything is Possible

The Land Where Everything is Possible

An inspiring story about the power of dreams, evolution, magic and the meaning of life. From ages 8 to 98.

The Pathway to the Origin

The Pathway to the Origin

A self-discovery journey, inviting you to follow your star, know who you are, embrace infinite possibilities and live your purpose. This book takes you into Saint James’ way, guiding you into a deep transformation.

Susana Cor de Rosa

For the last twenty-three years, Susana has worked on 3 continents, and from her greatest joy she has helped thousands of people to heal themselves, raise their energy, feel confident, embrace who they truly are, and follow their purpose. She has done this work that she adores sharing Unified Quantum Healing method on seminars, sessions and as a mentor. Also, she works in the area of Confidence Evolution mentoring people. The program Spark Your Own Star, to align you with your purpose is also Susana’s dearest work.

Her 3 books “Who We Are: the code of creation”, “The Land Where Everything is Possible” and “The Pathway to the Origin” are available.



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To solve relationship issues and build healthy relationships with yourself, your partner, your family members or work colleagues.


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