For centuries, the heart was considered the seat of the soul, the sacred space where one could find God, listen to wisdom, and love the divine.

Many people are in search of themselves, lost, with a closed heart and without a trusting connection. Disconnected and not trusting in the Universe, love, and friendship, many people not only don’t trust their hearts, but also have minds that keep them away from what they want most.

As a result, they live in some kind of prison, isolated, experience sadness, illness, failure, routine and do not give themselves what they most need and want. Love, connection, sharing, joy, success, enthusiasm, fulfillment, feeling whole i.e. HEALING.

The heart is the gateway to your joie de vivre, happiness, also a good adviser and the main element in your healing.

The brain alone only leverages part of your body’s energy, and science tells us that the heart’s field is five thousand times more powerful than the brain’s. We also know that there is a little brain in your heart and that it anticipates information and transmits it to the brain. And the mind-body connection, that is, your mind affecting your body, results in a more potent way and with stronger healing results when the energy of the mind and heart are working together.

New horizons can be reached if you stay aware of this partnership.

Can you open your heart and pay attention to any sign it gives you?

I suggest placing your hand on your heart, feel its rhythm and ask it: How can I serve you?

Can you show me the way for my healing in harmony with my mind, heart and soul?

Tons of love.

A warm hug.

Susana Cor de Rosa