Prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself and your organization to make a human-level improvement in every area of your business

It is an energetic experience where you embrace your healing power, wisdom and soul’s intelligence to allow yourself and your organization to evolve.

People are the most important asset in an organization because each human being is unique and has a potential that can be activated and directed towards a vision, model, process or set of procedures, to foster creativity, cooperation or leadership, thus building realities and results considered unprecedented.

The word Healing comes from “haelen” meaning wholeness[1] or restore to sound health”. This means that a person or an organization that is living in a state of wholeness is in optimal state of health.

Healing and health include physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial, social and spiritual well-being.

In order to experience wholeness, an individual/organization needs to release, just to name a few, old states of mind, emotional wounds or tensions, isolation, stress, lack of communication (internally and externally), dysfunctional or inconsistent behaviors. These are the factors that “divide the house” and create energy breakdowns, disharmony and insufficiency.


What does Unified Quantum Healing provide?

It is a process for you, the collaborators and the organization to experience a deep connection with the quantum field. It can improve empowerment, clarity, focus, emotional integrity, joy, soul’s intelligence, healing and sense of cohesion, all of which can allow productivity and excellent results to be achieved and the organization to grow.


During and after the workshop, participants shall:

  • Experience feeling bonded with the field of infinite possibilities.
  • Transform their perceptions about reality, who they are, and what is possible.
  • Learn about their quantum power and how to apply it daily and consistently.
  • Release old habits and limitations.
  • Feel the healing energy within them and learn how to connect, express and revitalize this energy.
  • Learn how they can change their awareness, states of consciousness and create reality.
  • Experience quantum communication and emotional integrity.
  • Enhance their energy and the energy inside the organization.
  • Improve relationships.
  • Experience joy, enthusiasm, clarity and fulfillment.
  • Feel a sense of belonging and integration.
  • Learn to work with left and right brain hemispheres, developing reasoning and intuition and other advanced faculties.
  • Connect with their wise self: the quantum self.
  • Experience healing themselves, others and the organization from inside out.
  • Increase productivity and achieve excellent results.
  • Improve decision making and leadership.
  • Feel happy and alive.
  • Become aware of quantum impact and transformation.

[1] Origin of the word healing:

Participants will experience healing, using cutting edge knowledge, techniques and connection with the unified quantum field, achieving profound results.

The theoretical and practical components are interlinked, including carrying out meditations, tuning in on their feelings with the most varied exercises of healing as well as others, enabling participants to feel well throughout and after the workshop.


I did the Workshop Unified Quantum Healing with great curiosity and the will to change some aspects of my health. As a university teacher, besides having many responsibilities, I was very anxious, stuck to details and situations that just complicated my life. I drank 9 cups of coffee a day. Despite wearing glasses, my sight was bad, and I felt overwhelmed with tasks and was regularly depressed. During the workshop, as I listened to Dr. Susana and did the exercises, things began to change. I stopped drinking coffee, without feeling the withdrawal symptoms. On the second day, I began to see without glasses or contact lenses, and the calmness and energy that I felt and still feel are important milestones in my life.

Elvira P. (University Professor)

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To brighten your company inside out.

Context: Nowadays, companies are subject to constant transformation regarding technologies, to maintain or expand markets, competitive pressure, product quality and management, and so many other issues related with company growth. Challenges, more responsibilities and changes are the most common factors affecting business organizations.

Reignited your spark workshop was created to allow company’s growth, expanding collaborators, teams, and corporations to higher levels of awareness and new practices to allow changes of mentality, new emotional patterns and behaviors to reignite the spark.

Workshop objectives:

Transform, heal and stand up for your true self.
Reignite your spark and experience fiery passion for living, connection, healing and joy.
Release limiting choices, old emotions and behaviors and boost your energy.
Release obstacles and tensions from the work environment.
Increase love, clarity, confidence, focus and success.
Experience mental, emotional and spiritual expansion and a meaningful life.

Meditation and Healing constitute one of the most effective, practical and simple ways through which we can transform from inside out individuals and organizations. There are many scientific studies about the positive impact of meditation on the work environment, namely on work engagement, productivity, problem solving skills, creativity, and increasing the health levels.
There also exists scientific research about the innate healing power each human being has. Each person can use their own energy to prevent diseases, reverse health conditions safely, focus energy towards goals, create good relationships, fulfillment, clarity, peace and creativity with impact on business growth. This benefits all the elements of the organization, also their families and the community.

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Confidence is more than a word, it is a belief, a feeling, a value, and a universal motor, which is essential to a company’s achievement and growth.

A company, in which its collaborators/employees have low levels of confidence or do not have a vision for the organization, lives in internal turbulence, is unfocused, could generate lower profits, and the relationships among the staff and with external sources are not so healthy. A company that has a clear vision and higher levels of confidence among its collaborators, and values confidence and trust, obtains better results and a better performance in the world of business and its work environment is a more productive and positive one.

  • Confidence is a driving force that guides every human being to self-realization and accomplishment.
  • It’s a powerful link, connecting visions, missions, people and organizations, allowing them to be the best they can be.
  • Confidence is what makes us persist when nothing makes sense, or when adversities are too many, and it helps companies better able to find solutions and be resilient.
  • With confidence, companies find distinct directions, make new joint ventures, create new products or services to better serve their clients;
  • Confidence greatly increases the energy of an organization, improves workplace engagement and productivity.
  • Commercial relationships and trustworthiness are also reinforced through confidence, allowing progress at all levels.

The confidence system (by Susana Cor de Rosa) used in this workshop and throughout its stages will integrate both brain hemispheres. It will improve mental, emotional and physical confidence traits. You will also connect with your spiritual confidence and intelligence confidence so that you can boost expression and authenticity for your team. With this system you will expand the eight levels of confidence and strengthen individual and collective trust, raise the levels of energy among your collaborators, and raise awareness. You will obtain skills and knowledge to practice daily so that your company can better achieve its goals and continue to grow consistently.

This workshop will benefit your company, collaborators, and teams.

Everyone will learn and practice confidence resources, namely:

  • Release the shadows of confidence – fear, doubt, resistance, failure, inadequacy, and impossibility,
  • Use the confidence system,
  • Clarity in decision-making and acting with conviction,
  • Leadership skills,
  • Strong motivation, personal power, and autonomy,
  • Know how to manage conflicts and communicate clearly,
  • Serenity and coherence,
  • Develop standards of success,
  • Set and achieve goals,
  • Raise the levels of productivity,
  • Be united and work towards a common vision and mission.
  • Be driven by confidence and value it in each interaction

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Together we evolve more. Grateful

An unparalleled retreat for your company where all of your employees will silence distorted mental and emotional mechanisms, discover their inner voice, connect to the field of unlimited possibilities accessing vast potentials of energy, inspiration, and coherence.

During the retreat each participant can recreate his or her vision of life and purpose and vivify the mission and vision of the company, contributing to it coherently.

Through meditation techniques, contemplation and quantum creativity, they will increase their energy, transform patterns, create new bonds, and innovate your team and company from the inside out. The results will surprise you.

Duration: 4, 7 or 10 days in silence.

Location: To be determined. It will always take place in a private space, far from the hustle and bustle of city life and in contact with nature.

Food: Vegetarian or regular.

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Price: on request, taking into account the size of the group and the duration of the retreat.

Together we evolve.



Within a team, for it to work even better, it may be useful to individually develop the confidence skills of a particular member, i.e., a project manager, a supervisor or executive director, thus giving him/her the appropriate support in this field, the knowledge and the resources to lead and be led  with confidence.

During 12 sessions, once a week, we will work on the Confidence System, created by Susana, and each aspect of it will be explained and experienced. We will release limiting beliefs, emotional constraints, dysfunctional habits and substitute them with the 8 principles of confidence. The system will contribute to resolving confidence issues, providing new skills and tools, empowering the collaborators with greater competence, commitment, empathy, and authenticity.  This boosts confidence and establishes it as a personal and company value. It will help to raise confidence and trust levels and foster progress in your company from the inside out.

We will be most glad to hear from you.

Together we evolve more.

You will breakthrough whatever has been holding you back in life and expand the unlocked resources within you to make it happen, maintaining your soul connection.

This day is often done for individuals and companies.