Deep – Retreat

A profound experience of transcendence to reconnect with your infinite self,
develop the 16 senses, and emerge as a new you, unlimited.

A 5 day retreat (Portugal)

Retreat Deep

A profound experience of transcendence to reconnect with your infinite self,
develop the 16 senses, and emerge as a new you, unlimited.

Deep is a holistic journey within you where you feel connected to your essence and become alive as the purposeful creator of your life.

Give yourself this unforgettable experience. Deep, it’s a present of a lifetime.

Deep offers you a unique approach and pathway to disconnect from your old brain, the noise, stress, and all the excuses you give yourself for not being present and happy. Also, it gives you a vibrant way to access the quantum field, live deeper states of awareness, clarity, intense love and experiencing your 16 senses with a focus on empathy, intuition, inspiration, telepathy, and the sense of Self.

Susana will guide you to experience infinite possibilities, unite mind, body, energy, and spirit into one stream of consciousness. This will impact you as an individual, feeling wholehearted and as a powerful manifestor of realities. Also, you are affecting your community and planet as a whole.

During this retreat you will

  • Have opportunities to dig deep and expand beyond limitations
  • Relax, have time to contemplate, feel in love for life
  • Get to know yourself and be a purposeful creator of your reality
  • Receive several teachings around energy, neuroscience, mind over matter, feminine and masculine energy integration, 16 senses, unified quantum healing, quantum entanglement, rediscovering self-transformation, etc.
  • Discover and experience the 16 senses in action
  • Experience transformation in real time
  • Merge body, mind, heart, energy, and infinity, become one with all
  • Speak with the quantum field and experience the miraculous
  • Have powerful insights
  • Reconnect with your mission
  • Heal and feel vibrantly alive
  • Awaken your highest potential and direct them to your life goals and manifesting your dreams
  • Have breakthrough after breakthrough

There are group practices during each day.

You will practice during Deep retreat:

  • Awakened awareness
  • Quantum reset
  • Explore your 16 senses, especially mind-blowing meditations and processes to experience empathy, intuition, inspiration, telepathy, and the sense of self
  • Breathwork
  • The baptism of fire
  • Mind over matter meditations and cell activation
  • Unified Quantum Healing – how to heal yourself and others
  • Healing the planet and transform
  • Quantum retrocession and quantum progression, moving backwards and forward in time/space and space-time
  • Reprogramming your energy field, your mind, heart, and body to embrace wholeness and manifest your dream life
  • Live in your mystical zone
  • Dreaming a new world into being, being a purposeful creator
  • Kaleidoscope exercise
  • Be a part of a community of kindred spirits to evolve together

Our motto is: do the inner work, silence yourself, feel joyful and expansive, welcoming the bliss of your unlimited being.

Feel welcome to DEEP

This is an inner journey, and you will feel it as one of the most mystical and transformative weeks of your life.

We offer a safe space to expand, profound connection, beauty and a rich time with yourself, others, and infinity.

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Av. Defensores de Chaves, 3, 3º Esq
1000-109 Lisboa – Portugal

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