Picture with Susana Cor de Rosa


Spiritual DNA Activation

Revert your age from inside out.

In person and online.

Have you ever thought that you might be even younger or older than your age? That is, you can be 48 years old and your cellular age be… 30; or you can be 23 years old and your cellular age be of a person of 67, and your health is compromised.

Your biological age can be as or more important than what is on your ID card. And you even have the ability to influence your biological age at every moment! One of the aspects that most influences your cell age is the quality of your DNA, especially if your telomeres are healthy.

Awake your Spiritual DNA and its potential now! This workshop is for you who is determined to embrace your totality and live the maximum expression of yourself. Change your energetic signature by activating your spiritual DNA now!

On August 7th and 8th, in person or online, everything is conspiring for you to participate in the Spiritual DNA Activation Workshop. You can change your destiny. Your genetic destiny and your energetic destiny are in your hands. Create your health and abundance that you want to tune into your essence.

Bring a friend and receive a special gift.

The in-person workshop will be outdoors at a farm – Casal da Junqueira, Bucelas (close to Lisbon), and the food is organic and produced at the farm.

The online version will be via Zoom.