Unified Quantum Healing

An energetic experience for you to go beyond your limits, heal yourself
and feel like a brand-new person.

3-day immersion. October 27th until 29th

Friday 7h30pm to 10h30pm. Saturday and Sunday 9h30 am to 7h30pm.
Lisbon time.

Unified Quantum Healing

An energetic experience for you to go beyond your limits
and feel like a brand-new person.

3-day immersion. October 27th until 29th.

Friday 7h30pm to 10h30pm. Saturday and Sunday 9h30 am to 7h30pm, Lisbon time.
Susana Cor de Rosa

Susana will push you out of your limits, confronting your old beliefs and attitudes, creating space for a new perception to emerge of your reality and of yourself that serves your evolution.

During these 3 days event you will be inspired and transformed through powerful ideas, science-based approaches, profound self-awareness, meditations, and healing practices. All the information and exercises provided are tools you can apply to transcend challenges in any area of your life.

Unified Quantum Healing has proven results and thousands of people have solved life issues including health, family, or work, found success on their own terms, and become their wise selves.

The Unified Quantum Healing works intensively all energy systems from the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in an integrated way, bringing order, flow and liveliness that heals your body and renews your being.

Some possibilities to experience in these 3 days and after:

  • Connect to the quantum field
  • Explore Infinite possibilities and manifest your heart’s desire
  • Heal health issues
  • Strengthen yourself and your creativity
  • Speak the quantum language
  • Solve old issues or habits
  • Embrace reason and intuition
  • Be energetically focused
  • Find new resources for your life
  • Experimentation with joy, vitality, and the will to live
  • Feeling fulfilled and guided at the highest level
  • Improving decision-making capacity
  • Feel love, courage and compassion
  • Live your life’s mission
  • Knowing and feeling that you are unique and supported by the entire universe

The general features of the program are:

  • The principles of unified quantum healing. Notions about what is energy, the quanta, the information and energy field, the dimensions, space – time, the nature of reality, amongst others.
  • Become alive as a purposeful creator. The code of creation: how to speak the quantum language and change yourself by learning how to manifest your heart and soul’s desire and be a catalyst for positive changes for the collective and the planet.
  • Command and interact with the mind-brain system. Release old emotions, old wounds, and sabotaging programs. Reignite your perceptions and decisions at the core of your mind, heart and soul.
  • Altered states of consciousness, recalibrating your field and regaining awareness.
  • Changing waves and human behavior; learn how to increase, focus and drive energy, to better achieve results.
  • Connecting science, healing and spirituality through energetic fields, chakrãs, quantum resonance, divine code and much more.
  • Learn how to align yourself and allow life to manifest through you. The feminine and masculine energies.
  • Self-healing practices. Quantum potential and quantum manifestation: meditations, group healing practices, and planetary healing.
  • During and after the event you will ride the wave of transformation and a new and wise self will emerge. This a remarkable experience where your body, mind, emotions and soul will talk and reenergize you in a potent and unique way.

Because the entire healing process is natural, interconnected and emerges through you, you will feel energetically aligned, live deeper states of awareness and inner clarity that result in less stress, health, trust, wealth, good relationships, love or a new job.

The information and tools that you are going to learn, and practice can be applied to surpass any life challenges,

upgrading your energy and being.

Unified Quantum Healing Immersion – online, via Zoom

3-day immersion. October 27th until 29th.

Lisbon time.

Friday 7h30pm to 10h30pm. Saturday and Sunday 9h30 am to 7h30pm.

Two breaks each day.

Investment: 297€ + VAT

I invite you to jump into this energetic experience and go beyond your limits to feel like a brand-new person.

Please make the payment by bank transfer IBAN PT50003300004543139733805
Endorsed to Dr. Susana Costa.

After the payment, please send us an email to: susana@susanacorderosa.com with your name and surname, age, country, and your goals for the immersion and we will send you the zoom link.

Immersion Lisbon, in person or on-line.
This is the turning point that you were expecting for your life.


Living testimonials from real people validating Susana’s Cor de Rosa work over the years. Caring for others is the main ingredient, and it is extremely valuable for those who receive it.

Carlos B., Teacher

Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

Veronica O., Entrepreneur

Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

Claudia, –

Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

I participated in the Unified Quantum Healing Workshop/Immersion and during a meditation exercise with Susana, I had the most beautiful experience where she showed me how we are all one and connected. I saw the connections and felt this energy which and this was life changing for me, it was the start of my new journey.

I also had private consultations with Susana, which each time made me heal and grow. Susana made me process many different things on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Susana also cured my son’s acute ear infection from a distance in a matter of only a couple of hours. She also cured me from a distance from a bad flu, I don’t know how she does it, but she always reaches out to me when I need it. She’s a true healer, profound and unique. I’ve never met anyone like her. Thank you, Susana.

Cynthia Labar, –

Unified Quantum Healing Workshop

The Unified Quantum Healing workshop was very useful, full of important and necessary information for my path and my own energy growth.

For me the most powerful part was one exercise where I finally lost my fear that I was carrying everywhere and every minute with me for many years. This fear was blocking me, isolating me sometimes, and preventing me from feeling joy and happiness in my life.

I could hardly imagine that one day I could feel free again.

In this workshop/immersion you don’t get only very useful tips for your daily life, energy boosts but you also release your troubles and that makes this workshop very valuable and worth its time and money. Thank you, Susana.

Simone Kinska, teacher

Unified Quantum Healing Workshop