Susana Cor de Rosa for the last twenty years, has had the privilege of helping thousands of people to heal themselves, to know who they are, and to have successful lives throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa, through Unified Quantum Healing, Education, and Expanding Consciousness.

She is a mentor, trainer, healer, corporate consultant and author and is known internationally for her energy work, love and joyfulness, healing capabilities and for interconnecting science, healing, education and spirituality in a practical manner, revolutionizing mentalities, raising and enhancing people’s energy.

Susana was born in Lisbon on May 30 th, 1969 and for her, communicating, healing, intuiting and transforming weaknesses into strengths is like breathing.

She graduated in Law, got a Post-Graduate degree in this field, and at the age of thirty she felt an inner calling to expand her consciousness – to teach, heal and re-educate human beings for happiness.

She travelled the world and underwent training in various fields such as Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Alternative Therapies and Waldorf Pedagogy.

For the last twenty years, she has been the Mentor of Unified Quantum Healing in Portugal. She has given workshops nationally and internationally in the fields of Unified Quantum Healing, Healthy Relationships, Heal your vision, Confidence and others.

Her innovative and dynamic teaching methods have been recognized nationally and internationally and are inspiring a growing number of people across the world.